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Stick Handling Drills
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Drills to hone your hockey skills.


    To develop "Soft and Fast Hands". Work towards a competency similar to typing or playing the piano, you don't need to look at your stick, hands or puck. It just quickly happens.

    Key Points:
    • Keep hands away from the body
    • Top hand is firm and provides the "magic" to the blade
    • Bottom hand is "soft" and slides along the stick like playing a violin
    • Angle of the stick to the ice changes as required
    Hockey drills can be done with a plastic ball or a puck on or off ice.

    1. Increase the Range of Motion

        Using the following zones:
    Discover the ULTIMATE

    dry land training PUCK

        • Keep the toes and hips straight ahead
        • Roll your wrists like you are "buttering bread"
        • Move the "puck" through each zone.
        • Eyes open, eyes closed, switch hands / sticks and repeat

    Zone 1 - handle the "puck" back and forth and side to side

    Zone 2 - handle the "puck" back and forth

    Zone 3 - handle the "puck" side to side shoulder width apart

    Zone 4 & 5 - wrist across handle the puck back and forth

    2. Range, Rythym, Deception