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Mark Poruchny is a Canadian born entrepreneur who has invented and patented* an exciting new product for hockey lovers and players. His vision is to change the way the game of floor hockey is currently being played - no longer with a ball or plastic puck but with a newly re-defined weighted felt hockey puck. By doing this he hopes the sport of floor hockey will have a chance to gain the recognition and notoriety it so deserves, and lacks because it has not been played with a puck - until now.

Precision Pucks is a story about a bunch of young guys who rented a school gym and started playing floor hockey twice a week. That was twenty-five years ago. Today, some of those original guys are still playing, but what has changed, besides some of the faces in the gym, is the way the game itself is played - with a puck - a newly redefined, weighted felt hockey puck.

The puck making started over twenty years ago and today Precision Pucks is making the safest** indoor felt hockey pucks available. For years, indoor felt hockey pucks were sewn together. The felt core was usually held together using outer leather discs and then sewing inside its perimeter. Furthermore, a weight was sometimes sewn into the center to try and give the puck some of the dynamics of a real ice hockey puck. (See pictures.)

There were several downfalls to these types of puck. First of all, leather does not slide that well on the floor and the result is a puck that tends to flip or roll more than it slides. Secondly anything hard that is lodged in the middle for weight is not only dangerous, but will become off-center with repeated hitting by the hockey sticks. This not only causes the puck to go eccentric, but also becomes a safety concern. The other thing is that the exposed felt on the outer edge of the puck balloons out adding to the roll problem.

The obvious question became, "How can we make a puck where the felt disc sliding on the floor has a leather outer edge and is weighted so as to make it recreate the dynamics of a real ice hockey puck?" These many years of research and development have now produced the Stallion and the Gladiator manufactured by Precision Pucks.

These unique felt pucks are of a patented* design, size and weight, giving the game a more realistic re-creation of ice hockey. The two felt discs and the leather side panel are held together using a flexible rubber adhesive which not only bonds, but also acts as the "ballast weight" for the puck, thus giving the felt puck the proper weight needed, the maximum sliding ability as well as some flexibility.

Precision Pucks has successfully weighted a felt hockey puck safely**. We proudly offer the Stallion, about 60 grams (gross weight), and the Gladiator, about 75 grams.

The feel of these felt pucks improves with each use. They start out firm and square but end up soft and rounded by the end of their long life, with their peak performance after the break-in period. Precision Pucks makes the only dry land puck that acts, shoots, flys and slides like a real ice hockey puck.

    * US Patent #7,066,851

    ** Our goal is to minimize the risk of flying objects. As in any sport, you should protect yourself by wearing appropriate safety equipment.

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