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Regina Leader-Post
Jan. 19, 2007

Road Side Analyst
       by Doug Davidson
Tune in to the next two episodes and find out how entrepreneur Mark Poruchny could do for hockey what the National Hockey League has been trying to accomplish . . . (More)
1st Interview
2nd Interview

Daily Planet - March 12, 2007

"You heard about Precision Pucks on CBC Radio, you read about us in the newspapers, you saw us on CTV News . . . now you've seen us on the Discovery Channel - Daily Planet Goes West."


PG This Week
Nov. 20, 2005

Poruchny labels one of his felt pucks, which are encased by cowhide leather. His garage is equipped with a specially-manufactured cookie-cutting style of press to cut puck shapes out of the felt. His pucks are finding their way to various corners of the world, largely used by schools and recreation centres.


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