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    "To my pal Mark, Great Pucks!"


Don Cherry
Former NHL Coach

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    "Dear Mark. I have been using the Gladiator puck in my institution gym for several months now. All of us agree that this puck makes our one hour of free time more enjoyable. It is because of your dedication, that our entire team can now enjoy the feel and excitment that an NHL player feels. I thank-you for making an "on-ice" experience in the gym. Arm wrestling is now a thing of the past! Thanx Mark!"


Jason Schryer
Abbotsford BC


    "We have started a floor hockey league and now we only use precision pucks for our games. They are so much better than a ball or hard plastic puck, we can never go back. They fly straight and as a goalie that's important. Precision Pucks really make it a controlled and fast paced game."


Andrew Gowan
Delta, B.C


    "Hi Mark,

    I just wanted to send a big thank you, on behalf of everyone involved with the Baptist Church Floor Hockey League based out of Ladner, British Columbia.

    We started using your pucks over a year ago for our friendly games and we loved them so much that we our using them for our league, which is in its second year now. The white pucks are our favorite, and they provide our players the perfect game to play on our gym surface. Keep up the good work!"


Vic Sundar
General Manager
Ladner Baptist Church Hockey league


    "As a goalie, I really like them. My glove was designed to catch pucks, so I've had fewer rebounds. Also, the puck flies 'true', while the ball can curve or knuckleball. There aren't as many 'bad' goals from strange shots."


Owen Neale
Calgary, Alberta


    "I really enjoy Precision Pucks because I can work on my stick handling at any time off ice. I can stick handle in the kitchen, basement, plexiglass, outside. You can pretty much do it anywhere. I have seen a big difference in my stick handling now that I use Precision Pucks for practicing. THANKS MARK!"

Kendel Jurista
B.C Outback
Provincial AAA Hockey Club


    "These pucks get better each time we use them. I endorse them just on the saftey aspect alone."


Bruce Wiebe
Malaspina Elementary School


    "It is as close as you are going to get to the real thing: a superior practice puck for instructing goalies."


Randy Zemlak
Goalie Coach, and
Prince George Recreation Hockey League


    "I like them because they slide great and they're light enough so they don't hurt the goalies."

Andrew Raey (Age 13)
#8 Left Wing
Prince George Minor Hockey Assoc.


    "The most important thing to me is the safety of the children. These pucks allow kids the opportunity to play hockey in a safe, fun fashion."


Bill MacIver
Nukko Lake Elementary


    "After 20 years of experimenting, these pucks are the best we've ever played with."


Graham Stebbe
Prince George Floor Hockey


    "People say that they're the most realistic thing they've tried."


Nathan Stone
5 Season Sports
Prince George


    "Being a goalie for floor hockey for the past 8 years, and playing with the pucks over the years that Mark has come up with, his patented design, the Stallion and Gladiator are by far the best designed indoor puck that I have seen. No other puck has the same feel, just like a real hockey puck. Also, the pucks are very durable and last a very long time. Precision Pucks, pick one up today and see for yourself, you will be glad you did."


T.J. Morris
Edmonton Floor Hockey


    "It's as close to NHL hockey as you could imagine."


Wes Fissel
Hockey Player
Williams Lake, BC


    "Once you have played with the Precision Puck you don't want to play with anything else. The saucer pass, one timers, dekes and stick handling all take on a whole new meaning with the puck. As a goalie, you don't have to anticipate the curve of the ball. Give it a try, and you won't be disappointed."


Tony Vassallo
Floor Hockey Enthusiast.
Prince George, BC


    "Precision Pucks are the best! I love letting the kids at Puckmasters use precision pucks because they build confidence and remove the fear of being hit that so many young players have. What four year old wouldn't be excited about a puck that they can raise and what adult wouldn't be excited about blasting the puck in any direction without worry of hurting anyone. I use Precision Pucks for training every day and I recommend that anyone who loves hockey should do the same! Thanks for the pucks, Mark, they're awesome!"


John Beck
Owner of Puckmasters
Prince George, BC


    "Hey Man, thanks for the great pucks. These are the best things since sliced bread. Thanks."


Mike Lunn
Debert, NS


    "The pucks have been a HUGE hit. Typically at the youth group which I volunteer, at the night we will end off with a impromptu game of floor hockey, over the years we have played countless games with the kids. The night I introduced the pucks into the game it was heralded as " the best game we have ever had", a statement to which everyone unanimously agreed. The pucks allow a level of play that simply makes it more fun. We don't know how we could ever go back to using a tennis ball."


Steve Patterson
Newmarket, Ontario


    "Thanks for the great pucks, they are great for us older guys as they do not leave as many bruises even when you take the hardest shot. We used up one of your pucks and it's time for replacements. Just think, no one got any stitches last year. Thanks again for making such a great product."


The Thursday night boys
Queensville, Ontario


    "We live in "Canada's most northern community" and use the puck almost every night!! We only have a gym, no Hockey rink. The Precision Puck feels like a real ice Hockey puck with good control on the floor. Great Work!"


Jeffrey Qaunaq
Floor Hockey Player
Nunavut, Canada


    "I have bought your pucks before and love them. We love the feel and weight of the pucks. I am a satisfied and returning customer and will continue to buy your pucks."


Luc Chartrand
London, Ontario


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